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What happens when a happy family of three (mom, dad and companion animal) add a fourth...a new baby? We want to believe that our animals will love the new arrival as much as we do. But often they don't share our excitement and joy. They didn't have a say in the decision to add a new member; they often feel displaced and loss of attention and companionship. Preparing an animal ahead of time will smooth the transition. This excellent free, downloadable pamphlet from the American Humane Society will guide expectant parents before and after baby arrives.

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February 26, 2019

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Omega supplements are everywhere.  Omega 3, 6 and 9.  But knowing what type to give our dogs is important--Omega 3 is the type that generally is recommended to improve our dogs' health, while Omega 6 can increase inflammation.  And what is the best source?  Are there s...

Our dogs...we love them so much. But sometimes, they create frustration for us. They don't always behave well... In fact, they may behave atrociously in some situations. Training and management can address most issues, but at times it may feel exhausting. This article...

At Sirius Positive Dog Training, we were moved by a recent post by Whole Dog Journal, that discussed the tragedy of a family unsuccessfully attempting to save a beloved pet from choking to death.   Just as with people, pet CPR saves lives, and in an emergency, there ma...

RESILIENCE IN DOG TRAINING Posted on September 28, 2016 by Sirius Positive Dog Training LLC RESILIENCE in dogs, in my definition, would be the ability to weather situations that come up. Noise; unfamiliar people; unexpected situations. Socialization is key and should b...

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