Clinic Registration


Registration opens January 15, closes June 8


Payment at the time of registration via PayPal, or by check within 7 days unless other arrangements are made with host.

Cancellation policy

All cancellations must be in writing.

There are a limited number of private lessons.  Suzanne will be driving from upstate New York to teach lessons on Friday.  As per Suzanne's policy:  private lessons are non-refundable, unless filled by wait list signups.  If filled by wait list sign up, a $10 administrative fee will be applied.      


Regular clinic:  Cancellations greater than 45 days ahead of workshop:  $35 administrative fee.  Cancellations no less than 45 days before the course=50% of total tuition returned.  No less than 21 days before the course =25% of total tuition returned.   20 days or less before the course - no refunds. No portion of the tuition is transferable to another person or course.   This policy is without exception. In the event that this seminar is cancelled, your full registration fee will be refunded to you.

Liability policy
Registrant understands that dog training can occasionally be a risky undertaking for both participants and spectators. In case of any harm, damage or injury that happens to or is caused by me, my relatives, my dog or my property during this event, I agree not to hold liable Michele McLeod, Sirius Positive Dog Training LLC, Suzanne Clothier, Carpe Canem Inc., Obedience Dog Training Club of Waterbury, their tenants, invited guests, clients or any of their agents working on their behalf. Further I aver that if I bring a dog, he/she is healthy and current in his vaccinations and he will not attend if he has been in contact with any communicable diseases within 30 days of these classes.