Happy Families

Kids and our dogs. Sometimes kids = our dogs. What could be cuter? But the sad statistics indicate that 77% of dog bites are inflicted on children, and that the vast majority of bites occur from family or friends’ dogs. Even more sad: in the majority of these cases, the dogs involved felt frightened, anxious, unsure, and used multiple forms of body language to show this–and bites occurred when the dogs’ efforts to communicate were not understood. Most dog bites are not the result of aggression–they occur as an effort to make a frightening or overwhelming situation retreat. However, the effect is often a sad pathway both for the child and the dog. Traumatic experience for children; often, a one-way trip to animal control for the dog. Supervising our children around dogs, and teaching our children how to be safe around their pups, keeps both our children and our pets safe.

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