Resilience in Dog Training

RESILIENCE IN DOG TRAINING Posted on September 28, 2016 by Sirius Positive Dog Training LLC RESILIENCE in dogs, in my definition, would be the ability to weather situations that come up. Noise; unfamiliar people; unexpected situations. Socialization is key and should be lifelong, not just in puppyhood. But often with rescue pups, knowing that they are all over the place because they have had at least one and possibly more situations that created stress and uncertainty, creating a peaceful place where they feel safe and can begin to build resilience, will give them the tools to be more confident and calm in their forever homes. There is great info in this ASPCA presentation. One is for the slides from Patricia McConnell’s presentation. The other is for the entire webinar–you just register and then you can view. McConnell is a terrific animal behaviorist and lover, a great lecturer, and she is very insightful. At the least, please check out the slides–it will help with every animal in your life. Slides:…/Building%20Resilience%20in%20Dogs… Webinar you can register for (click the register button at the bottom):

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